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Generating Awesome Ideas

Each team in the Finals will have 10 minutes to present their solutions to the audience. The Innovation Toolkit link contains all the information you’ll need to come up with amazing solutions and a great presentation.

Access the Master Program using this link. It contains background information on each challenge.

+ Here’s some free ideas to use (courtesy of observers and the Amplify 4 Good team)

The following products/services will help to make your team collaborate together better:

+ Slack


+ DropBox

+ Google Drive

+ Google Hangouts

+ Skype

+ GroupMe


Effective use of time looks something like this:

  • Friday Night: Discuss the Big Idea and settle on one / Set team roles / Get background details 
  • Saturday Morning: Work on idea details
  • Saturday Afternoon: Conduct customer interviews in the airport
  • Saturday Evening: Work on idea details 
  • Sunday Afternoon: Start putting pitch deck together 
  • Monday @ 5pm: Deadline to share your Pitch Deck

Your idea should be able to built within 120 days. Your ideas will be judged on the following components:

:: Required ::

+Creativity: How original and creative is the “big” idea? Are there existing similar ideas, products, services? If so, how is the idea different?

+Degree of Implementation: Yeah it sounds cool, but can the idea really be pulled off? Is the concept streamlined enough to be quickly developed and implemented?

+User Identification: Did they identify 1-2 primary customer/user segments

+Challenge: Does the solution actually address the proposed challenge?

+Impact: How much of the challenges’ projected impact does the idea cover?

+Customer Feedback: Did they actually go out and test the idea?

+Completeness: How far along in the production process did they get?

:: Optional ::

+Mobile or Web Friendly: Does it take into consideration all devices as well as their usage patterns and accessibility?

+Publicly accessible data: Did they plan to use any public data sources, databases, etc?

:: What It Isn’t ::

A sales or marketing campaign.

You’ll be pitching your idea to a panel of industry experts and executives. Think of it like a startup pitches an investor. We’ve created a Pitch Template (Google Slides) for your team to use. This template isn’t required, and you may use PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.

+Access the Pitch Deck Template here

However, we strongly recommend the slide order and content:

+ Title Slide
+ Team
+ Problem
+ Solution
+ Market/Market Size
+ Business Model
+ Competition
+ Marketing/Market Adoption
+ Budget/Key Activities

We’ve put together some tips and links on how to make your ideas and presentations awesome for our fast-paced and intense format. Pay particular attention to the presentation format information near the bottom.

+Idea Development

Project Mangement

Please use Google Drive for collaboration and document sharing. We also recommend using for task assignment. They have a 30 day free trial.

Developer/Designer Resources


+Development Frameworks, Boilerplates & Component Libraries

+Visual Design & Branding

+Interaction & User Experience

+Open Data


+Pitch Deck Format

  • Watch example presentations on YouTube here